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5 Rich Habits Kids Need to Succeed

February 22, 2022 Kathy Gossen Episode 8
The Homeschool 5 in 10
5 Rich Habits Kids Need to Succeed
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Did you know that most of the habits your child will have as an adult are engrained in them by the time they are 9 years old?  That begs the question: what habits are the most important to teach early on?  These 5 rich habits are ones you can teach your kids now to benefit them long after they are grown up. 

1:27 Rich Habit #1

4:27 Rich Habit #2

6:42 Rich Habit #3

8:13 Rich Habit #4

9:48 Rich Habit #5


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Rich Habit #1
Rich Habit #2
Rich Habit #3
Rich Habit #4
Rich Habit #5