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5 Funschooling Summer Holiday Ideas

May 31, 2022 Kathy Gossen Episode 21
The Homeschool 5 in 10
5 Funschooling Summer Holiday Ideas
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Looking for ways to add a little spice to your summer?  Today we are going to be talking about five fun lesser-known holidays that can enhance your homeschool and increase your child’s understanding of fine arts, science, geography, handwriting, and more.  This podcast is filled with amazing resources and ideas that you will be able to implement without ever leaving home!


1:05 World Music Day (fine arts)

2:31 International Joke Day (handwriting and public speaking)

5:23 National Ice Cream Day (science)

6:39 National Love is Kind Day (character)

7:33 National Coloring Book Day (fine motor skills)


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Links from today’s episode:

·        Gena Mayo’s online World Music Elementary course

·        My First Amazing Journey Around the World

·        Music is for Everyone by Jill Barber

·        We are Music by Brandon Stosuy  

·        Make your own shekere

·        Make your own rainstick 

·        Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. Magazines

·        Kid-friendly Jokes

·        Episode 17, Making Grammar Fun with Dr. Melanie Wilson

·        Download a free sample of Mathematical Reasoning level D or F

·        Blueberry ice cream recipe

·        Our “I” is for Ice cream unit

·        The science behind ice cream

·        Teach Me to Serve: 99 Ways Preschoolers Can Learn to Serve and Bless Others by Kristen Tiber

·        Love Does by Bob Goff


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World Music Day
International Joke day
National Ice Cream Day
National Love is Kind Day
National Coloring Book Day