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5 Fun Holidays Worth Celebrating This Spring

March 15, 2022 Kathy Gossen Episode 11
The Homeschool 5 in 10
5 Fun Holidays Worth Celebrating This Spring
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Looking for ways to add a little spice to your homeschool days and break up the monotony this spring?  

Today we are going to be talking about five fun lesser-known holidays that can enhance your homeschool and increase your child’s understanding of literature, history, science, politics, language arts, and more.  This podcast is filled with amazing resources and ideas that you will be able to implement without ever leaving home!

1:18 Children's Picture Book Day

4:30 National Virtual Vacation Day

6:04 Talk Like Shakespeare Day

7:39 National Mother Goose Day 

8:58 National Paper Airplane Day 

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Some of the links from today’s episode:

·        The White House

·        The National Aquarium

·        The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

·        Yellowstone National Park

·        Ellis Island

·        San Diego Zoo Live Cams

·        New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art

·        Colonial Williamsburg

·        The Louvre

·        Encompass Preschool Curriculum

·        5 Easy Airplane Designs

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Children's Picture Book Day
National Virtual Vacation Day
Talk Like Shakespeare Day
National Mother Goose Day
National Paper Airplane Day